I was born in 1995, Szekszárd, Hungary. I played sports since kindergarden (karate, later in school basketball and barbell workout), played musical instruments (guitar, flute) in primary school, and played chess. I started my DJ carreer at the age of 13 and organised a dozen of parties with 20-500 attendees in county Tolna. I started learning the psychology of human relationships and personal success in 2012. A year later I was asked to be an editor of the hungarian success blog: Sikerközössé After that I swam through lake Balaton, ran Brutálfutás and multiple half marathons, passed the driving license and achieved a C1 language exam in English. A year later I won an IFBB Bodybuilding Hungarian Champion #1 in Junior category and finished Petőfi Sándor Evangélikus Gimnázium Bonyhád. That year I contracted with Dr Glover, recruited a team, translated and published in hungarian his bestseller psychology book: No More Mr. Nice Guy. At the same year I got into Pázmány Péter Catholic University and started my Psychology BA. With Bence Borsos I co-founded the brand and kept seminars, private trainings to hungarian firm leaders, guest spoke on conferences,  festivals in front of hundreds of people multiple times in Hungary and Switzerland and cooperated with numerous coaches and trainers all around the world. I also learned from a hungarian yogi Ádám Diószegi for 2 years on his events called Buddhaképző and started his yoga teacher course in 2016. In 2016 september I flew to Los Angeles and attended the Nice Guy Conference at the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. I currently live in Budapest.


What I stand for: honesty, taking action, luxury standards, innovation, improvement and the balance of science and spirituality.

What I don’t like: being shallow, thoughtless big words, bovinity, bad communication and image, having low standards

When it comes to my work I measure it on 4 levels:

  1. Do I have good intuition with it?
  2. Is this actually successful if I measure it?
  3. Does it create value?
  4. Do I enjoy the process?

Skills which I possess:

  • Leadership – lead intern groups from 2-20 people for 3 years
  • English language – spoken, written C1 and simultan translation experiences
  • Driving license (in Hungary)
  • Marketing (social media, personal branding, blogging, online sales, email)
  • Infoproduct creation
  • Video recording and editing
  • Speaking in front of camera
  • Basic design skills
  • Public speaking and group trainings
  • Coaching (private and group)
  • Psychology (5 accredited university semesters and pending)
  • Basic sport and nutrition skills
  • Event organisation skills (marketing, logistics, on-spot solutions)
  • Basic music and party skills (and I have professional equipment | mixing, organisation and atmosphere creation)
  • Networking and interviewing


If you want to cooperate on any level (interviews, speech invitations, job offers, startups, interviews and so on) contact me here:

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Current main project:

Fulfilled is a brand which is serving the purpose of creating an intelligent and supporting community where members work on themselves and improve their lives based on real life experiences, psychology and spiritual teachings.

Some milestones (without any strive for completion)

11.12.2016 Fénykonferencia 2 – Open argument with Lajos Kassai on stage (Budapest, Hungary)
02.12.2016 Fulfilled presented our 1 day: Maximalis Önbecsülés confidence training (Zürich, Switzerland)
26.09.2016 Group training for the future leaders of MVM Group (Paks, Hungary)
02-05.09.2016 Learning on the Nice Guy Conference directly from Dr. Glover (Los Angeles, USA)
11.06.2016 Fénykonferencia – 1 hour speech with Bence Borsos and being in one stage with Iván Fenyő (actor) and Gabriella Jakupcsek (TV personality) in front of 160 people (Budapest, Hungary)
03.06.2016 Fulfilled presented a 3 hour seminar: „The 12 new keys to confidence” with more than 200 attendes (Budapest, Hungary)

Public speeches (without the need for comprehension)

  • 1 hour conference speech at Túl a motiváción konferencia - (70 attendees)
  • 15 minute conference speech at Pozitív Gondolkodók Napja (160 attendees)
  • 1 hour speech at Everness festival: 7 pillars of self-esteem (50 attendees)
  • Private training to the leaders of Sz+C Studió Kft (14 attendees)
  • Leader of relationships workshop (15 attendees)
  • Celebration of Giving workshop (3 with guest speakers from around the world, 30 attendees)
  • Power of Relationships workshop (12 attendees)
  • Confidence Day by Vision & Shine (25 attendees)
  • Honesty and Power seminar (24 attendees)
  • Stress management for leaders of Sz+C (12 attendees)
  • Seminar series on succes to Sz+C (30-40 attendees)